Changelog - 2

Welcome to the changelog! A series of posts tagged 'changelog' that let me share the things I've been enjoying recently.

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ChatGPT and other LLMs and “AI”

I’ve integrated ChatGPT and other models into my weekly life at this point. Arc Browser has definitely contributed to this change with their MAX features and Arc Search.


We’ve moved back to Georgia! It feels good to be home and there’s so much I missed that we haven’t been able to find anywhere else.


I’ve found a new job doing Software Support. It’s been great to utilize my skills with a faster pace and lower responsibilities. Providing customer satisfaction has always been a key thing to me. In my role, I get to sit in the middle of all the different effort from engineering+, marketing, leadership and observe how it affects our customers and their experience. It’s been one hell of a learning experience so far.


I’ve recently gotten back into the COD cycle after about a 8 year hiatus. It’s been fun, the gunplay is cool, Warzone is crazy, and the friends are having fun.

Of course, I’m still hard-stuck Champion in Rocket League. That game will probably die before I ever get out.

We’ve been grinding It Takes Two for a couple weekends so I’m looking out for what’s next.

Some other games I’m personally watching out for:


I’m doing well, 2022/2023 was a rough couple of years. Now, I’m feeling more hopeful than ever and ready to get life back on track.