Khari Johnson

[ Austin, TX ] . [ ] . [ ] . [ (323) 250-6175 ]

Builder | Explorer | Technology Enthusiast

Software Engineer with 4 years of experience building of high-quality, performant, and user-friendly software. A lifelong explorer of technology and innovative solutions, driven to continuously expand my skill set and share my expertise with others. Committed to delivering impactful results and collaborating with like-minded individuals.


programming frontend devops system architecture & design linux

Javascript: Typescript, Node.js, React.js ‘Ops: Github Actions,, GitlabCI Containers: Docker, Nickpacks Cloud: Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Databases: Postgres, Prisma CMS & WYSIWYG: Shopify, Squarespace, Wordpress, Sanity, Prismic Linux: Ubuntu, Debian


E3 RADIO - Chicago, Illinois | March, 2021 - Present

Senior Software Engineer

Built and maintained a podcast directory platform that now boasts over 100 podcasts and 10k episodes.

Technologies Used: Typescript, Next.js, Chakra-ui, Github Actions, Postgres w/ Prisma, GCP and Docker

The Institute for Love and Time (TILT) - Sebastopol, California (Remote) | February, 2020 – August, 2022

Full-stack Software Engineer

First Engineering hire for a web app that records messages from users to themselves, resulting in improved positive self-talk.

Technologies Used: Typescript, Next.js, Emotion.js, Node.js, Github Actions, GCP Cloud Functions and Vercel


GVEMPIRE - Remote | February, 2018 - February 2020



High School Diploma: 2013 - 2017